MOQ Digital

MOQ Digital

"Another Sydney Beauty"



DESIGNER: Jensen Projects

Embracing all the luxuries of a modern day workspace MOQ Digital’s new Sydney headquarters embodies contemporary class with the utmost functionality."

Showcasing our furniture in a brilliant blend of crisp whites, beautiful wood grains and striking blues, the designers at Jensen projects have created a space that truly captures the essence of our brand.

Multiple runs of Benchwork workstations stand out in the main office whilst Dart and Jam tables compliment the meeting and boardroom perfectly.

A clever selection of chairs also feature throughout, with Miro being paired with the workstations, Zed and Space with the meeting tables and Zorro chairs and stools in the breakout spaces.

Mix blocks and cushions upholstered in a sophisticated textured fabric enhance the café area, whilst Cali chairs and Dart coffee tables shine in the reception, both settings creating a comfortable and visually pleasing outlook.

All in all, MOQ Digitals new workspace can now be described as a timeless beauty.