"Colourful & Creative" 

LOCATION: Alexandria



ARTISTS: Art Pharmacy Consulting

Challenging the current workplace experiences, Kafnu's new co-working space coincides with their values and inspires people to work together and promote innovative thinking. The overall design stimulates creativity with a clean, light look interjected with pops of colour through the eccentric artwork or cleverly upholstered pieces. As a shared space which is used for many different purposes, it was important for each room to meet a variety of needs for any person. The open plan space features our Benj High Back lounge, upholstered in a two tone upholstery creating pods of privacy and relaxation. Sharing this same space is our Benchwork workstations, Trak screen system and Sonic Task chairs - forming the perfect collaborative working environment. SMLXL Projects blend open plan areas with private spaces using out Benchwork Boardroom Table and Sax chairs, establishing more formal meeting rooms. Using our Flip tables and Miro Visitor chairs, training rooms were created for flexible work areas.