DWA Media

Client: DWA Media

"A Bright and Refreshing Look for DWA Media New Offices"

LOCATION: North Sydney, NSW


DESIGN: RBG Services

A breath of fresh air and a Bondi beach vibe have swept DWA Media's new Sydney office.

The use of our white Keywork workstations paired with natural tones tops and pops of aqua throughout the offices have transformed this North Sydney office into a trendy coastal hangout.

The modern and functional open offices feature our Space chairs, Globe mobile pedestals and Trak Screens and Planters while the boardroom and meeting room house our Dart and Halo tables.

Neutral colours were also chosen in the breakout areas with the use of grey Tang, Cali and Zorro chairs and stools accentuated by the wave-like blue Lani lounge chair in the reception area.