Recycled Construction

Buzz is a locally manufactured collection of tables and counter tables designed to maximise comfort, productivity, and well-being in the workplace. With a 50mm thick worktop and end panels, Buzz boasts a lightweight, durable, and recyclable cardboard honeycomb core construction. Made from 43% recycled material and 23% by-products from the sawmill industry, it's a sustainable and stylish addition to any contemporary office, meeting room, or breakout space.

Boasting a simple modern panel design that is both aesthetic and functional, Buzz recognizes the importance of ergonomics in the workplace. All tables include levelling adjustment in feet, ensuring they are easy to set up and provide a comfortable working environment. Available in four different wood grain finishes, including Vicenza, Grey Bardolino, Grey Sherman, and Tobacco Halifax Oak, Buzz allows you to customise your workspace to suit your interior and space.

The collection is versatile and can be used in various office settings, including meeting rooms and breakout spaces, promoting teamwork, connection, and collaboration. Buzz is also available in a premium white or black satin finish that is abrasion, impact and scratch resistant, ensuring your office remains looking sleek and professional. The collections versatile design and customisable finishes, sizes and configurations make it a perfect addition to any commercial environment.

  • 50mm thick top worktop and end panels
  • Lightweight, durable and recyclable cardboard honeycomb core construction
  • Made from 43% recycled material and 23% by-products from sawmill industry
  • Satin finish features unique anti-fingerprint property, abrasion, impact and scratch resistance
  • Levelling adjustment in feet