Unique Design

Take your seating experience to the next level with the Cortex task chair - a modern and functional addition to any workspace. Innovative in design, Cortex features a 3D knitted fabric back, layered with a unique triangular stitching pattern, facilitating unmatched comfort and breathability while evenly distributing weight through its elastic support. Available in four fabric colours from black, grey, mint green and brick red with matching frame, Cortex will compliment all commercial spaces. Its heavy-duty moulded foam seat, height-adjustable arms and lumbar support, seat slider control, and automatic tension control system allows Cortex to be customised to all individual preferences ensuring the perfect combination of comfort and durability.

  • Innovative 3D knitted fabric back provides comfort and breathability
  • Unique stitching pattern
  • Heavy duty moulded foam seat
  • Height adjustable arms and lumbar support
  • Seat slide control
  • Automatic tension control adjusts to users weight
  • Maximum weight limit: 130kg

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