Curve Screen

Versatile design, Visual Excellence

The interplay between design, functionality and resourcefulness are fundamental to the Curve Screen system. With the shift in open plan offices, private spaces are necessary to facilitate productive environments. Minimalist and frameless in design, Curve allows you to create a space within a space through floor based and desk mounted panels available in various sizes.

Constructed of 27mm thick panels providing acoustic relief and joined together by extra strong magnets, the Curve system is multi-functional in the number configurations that can be created. From individual working hubs to meeting and breakout areas, Curves create a variety of unique office landscapes.

  • Desk mounted or floor based
  • Various panel sizes available for design versatility
  • Multiple configurations possible
  • Can be upholstered in a wide range of screen fabrics
  • 27mm thick screens
  • Levelling adjustment in floor based screen

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