Oslo Spine

An Executive Vision

Add valuable storage to your Oslo desk module by opting for the Oslo Spine system solution. In addition to an elegant desking solution, the Oslo Spine system combines practical work space with useful storage. Able to be configured in numerous ways, the system consists of a variety of bifacial or monofacial storage units adding easily accessible storage within arm's reach. Offering a choice of open storage, pull-out drawers, or sliding doors, plus an innovative cabling solution and expansive work area, the Oslo Spine system makes for the ideal workspace.

  • Brushed stainless steel legs
  • Slimline tapered profile
  • 12mm levelling adjustment in feet
  • 33mm thick worktop
  • Spine desk modules integrate with Spine units
  • Bifacial Storage units maximise space and allow access from both sides
  • Units can be configured as monofacial (pictured)
  • Integrated power channel continues along storage unit
  • 18mm substrate construction with a 25mm substrate top
  • Custom configurations available on request