Elki Spine

Aesthetic & Practical

Using soft forms and strong craftsmanship, the Elki Spine desk showcases the minimalist dream. A variety of configurations can be created through either a monofacial or bifacial configuration. The Elki Spine offers a wealth of options including uniquely shaped tops, open storage, pull-out drawers or sliding doors making this system adaptable to any workspace.

  • Solid wooden legs
  • Aluminium framework construction
  • Easy assembly and disassembly for relocation and re-use
  • 33mm thick worktop with rounded external corners
  • 25mm levelling adjustment in foot
  • Legs available in natural, white stain or black stain wood
  • Spine desk modules integrate with Spine units
  • Bifacial storage units maximise space and allow access from both sides
  • Units can be configured as monofacial (pictured)
  • Integrated power channel continues along storage unit
  • 18mm substrate construction with a 25mm substrate top
  • Custom configurations available on request

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