Flap Acoustic Screens

The Perfect Soundscape

Noise reverberations and poor acoustics can be a real problem in modern open plan offices. Thankfully there's a solution with our Mitesco Acoustic Panels, The patented Snowsound technology provides efficient sound absorption allowing employees to focus on the important tasks at hand. Ultra slim and lightweight with fire resistant polyester fabric which won't fade or show signs of age. With a choice of fashionable colour and the ability to place them to create interesting shapes they're not just functional but stylish and 100% recyclable too.

  • Efficient sound absorption provided by patented Snowsound technology
  • Ultra thin 35mm panel
  • Wall mounted
  • Polyester inner core and polyester outer fabric
  • Durable edge and lightweight panels
  • Polyester fabric made with Trevira CS with permanent resistance to fire Unaffected by washing or ageing
  • 100% recyclable
  • Can be tilted in any direction and have a 360 degree rotation