6 reasons why your office should be decked out in Krost furniture



We sell office furniture solutions tailored to you. Once colour, size, finish, fabric and use are taken into account there are far too many permutations for a simple one size fits all answer.

Our sales consultants are office furniture experts and they will find the right solution for you based on your requirements and constraints. We also like to keep it simple for you - from proposal through project management and final sign-off you will only ever have one point of contact in our company.



It’s true. We do.

Why’s that good? Well, while our competitors limit you to one or two colours and sizes for your furniture, we make sure you get the perfect fit and offer you an extensive range of finishes for your office.

Also, because of this our lead times are unparalleled in the industry. If you need your office furniture yesterday, we’ll make it happen!



Because we manufacture (see point 2 ☺), we can easily ensure the highest standards of quality control. Products that we do source are rigorously tested and scrutinised to make sure they make commercial grade.

We also stand by our products. The majority of our products feature 5-year warranties and we simply won’t sell anything we don’t have full confidence in. With over 90% of our range exclusive Krost designs, we offer a lot of unique and high-quality products in our collection.



Our company’s main goal is to offer you the best service and make your life as easy as possible. Everything we do is geared towards that. From our unique showroom, where every one of the products is on display, to our ordering process where we make sure we get you the right office furniture solution, to our speedy lead-times and also our after sales team and repair processes. We work really hard to give you the best office furniture experience.



We have a lot of competitive advantages that give us price savings, from our vertically integrated supply chain to our strength and history in the marketplace and we like to pass those savings onto you.

Sure, you can go to the corner store and buy a $59.95 fake-leather office chair. But, then you would have to pull out your toolset, hope it fits together alright and if it does, we shudder at the thought of the damage its doing to your body, through it’s non-existent padding, lousy mechanism and misaligned ergonomics. We sell the antithesis of that, high quality products at unmatchable prices.



Since 1989, we’ve been leaders in the office furniture industry. We know office furniture and at some point have dealt with virtually every situation.

Our technical proficiency at planning offices and providing the right furniture, coupled with a vast array of experiences in such a diverse range of office environments yields extraordinary results through the way that we go about our business. All of this ultimately makes your purchasing experience even smoother.

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